Tutu Troupe                             
Ages 3-4. Specifically designed for the young child that loves to move and dance with music! Emphasis is placed on motor skill development. Main objectives are identifying basic forms of movement through imaginative games, songs, music and rhythmical patterns and developing independence. 

Ages 5-6. A continuation of basic ballet steps and creative movement involving interactive and imaginative games. Emphasis placed on coordination, balance and growing the ability to think like dancers through the use of descriptive metaphors and artistic freedom.

Petite Company
Ages 6-8  & 7-9. Focuses on developing a knowledge of ballet concepts including turn out, coordination, spatial awareness, and class etiquette. Students will begin honing in on specific dance concepts like body alignment, positions of the feet, and French terminology. Placement is based primarily on each student's strengths to prepare them for Demi Co. training. 

​Demi Company
Ages 10-12. Students in this level will increase the use of French terms and general movement vocabulary as well as develop greater extension and strength throughout their bodies. Offers more advanced barre and center work. Pre-pointe variations may be available upon approval.

Grande Company
Ages 13-19 At this level, students will utilize all concepts of ballet technique and movement to its highest potential. Advanced barre and center work. By approval, dancers can work towards pre-pointe and pointe variations. 


Contemporary is a stylized dance technique with a wide range of influences, primarily deriving from classical, modern, and jazz. The strength of Ballet technique as well as the unpredictability of Modern (contract-release, suspension, improvisation) are characteristic qualities of Contemporary. It is a great addition to any dancer's itinerary and dramatically influences a dancer's skill, as well as strengthens their versatility. 

Contemporary 1
Ages 7-12.

Contemporary 2
Ages 13-19

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