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Parents and students
please read this page entirely..

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Dress rehearsal is VERY important as it is a student’s chance to become comfortable on stage in their costume and learn the spacing before performing. All students, please come to your assigned dress rehearsal time slot fully dressed in costume, tights, and ballet shoes, with full makeup(if desired for younger students)and hair in a bun.

Rehearsals will last 30-50 minutes per class, parents are asked to stay in auditorium with their student for duration of rehearsal. 
Please sit in the audience with your student until they are called to the stage.

If your student is in more than one role or in the "finale scene" please make
arrangements to be at the dress rehearsal for a longer period of time. These are usually long nights for students in multiple scenes but necessary for the success of the show!

Dress Rehearsal Call Times:
If you are in the "1pm Cast" your dress rehearsal will be: Thursday, April 18th.
If you are in the "6pm Cast" your dress rehearsal will be: Friday, April 19th

*You do not need to come both days unless you are scheduled to perform in both showtimes* 

4:15pm - Enchantress, Prince, Beast, Castle Servants, Lumiere,
Coggsworth, Mrs. Pots, Fifi, Rose

4:30 - Townspeople, Villagers, Gaston, Lefou, Belle's Father, Gaston Girls

5:00 - Wolves

5:15 - Tavern People

5:45 - Teacups, Chip

6:00 - Candlesticks, Feather Dusters, Silverware

6:30 - Baby Belles

7:00 - Rose Petals 

DANCERS IN FINALE PLAN FOR A LONGER NIGHT: Tavern Dancers, Villagers, all lead roles.
Parents for these dancers only can arrange to "drop off/pick up" later as long as your child has a way to get in touch with you. End time for those in finale will vary depending on how the rehearsal progresses but we aim to be done between 8:00-9:00pm.

Please be on time!


Beauty and the Beast will have two show times on Saturday, April 20th (1pm & 6pm) located at:

Stanly Agri Civic Center
26032 Newt Rd, Albemarle.

Your child will perform in ONE show unless cast otherwise.

Hair: All students should have hair secured in a tight bun for dress rehearsal and performance. If costume came with a hair piece, please attach on top right side of bun.

Makeup: Female students will need generous amount of blush (pink shade) applied to cheeks, black mascara and red/burgundy shade lipstick for dress rehearsal and performance. This is to ensure their faces can be seen under bright stage lights. Male students will not need makeup.

Accessories: All female students will need pink footed tights (without holes or stains) to wear with their
costumes unless instructor specified if they need to wear nude tights instead. Please no underwear (as they will show), tights will act as underwear. If student needs a bra for support, nude
lycra undergarments are preferable. We also have a limited supply of nude leotards at the studio available for purchase as well as pink and nude tights.

Jewelry & Nails: Please no jewelry for recital except for diamond-style stud earrings if desired. Do not invest your money in long acrylic nails before show - we will ask you to remove or trim them. Nails should be a shorter length with pink, nude, or opal style polish being acceptable. No neon or dark polish colors please. 

Shoes: Pink/nude ballet slippers should be worn for female students, and black ballet slippers for males unless otherwise instructed by teacher.

Recital day: All students should arrive 30 minutes prior to show time. Dressing room space is limited, and mostly reserved for certain show roles. Please arrive fully dressed for recital day if at all possible. Please do not eat, chew gum, or drink (except water) when in costume.

PRO TIP* label the inside of students shoes/costume or personal belongings with their full name to insure if left or lost it gets back to them after show!

Tuition: To perform in our annual recital, tuition (through April) must be paid in full before dress rehearsals. Please take the time to pay these online or during classes leading up to the rehearsals and show, as we are very busy once we get to the stage. 

Tickets: Tickets ($10/each) can be purchased in advance at Elevate Ballet Company during regular business hours with cash or check, or ordered on our website with credit/debit card and picked up at class. The option to pick up your tickets at “will call” on recital day is also available (recommended for out of town guests)

Tickets will also be sold at the door (cash only), but for ease of traffic on recital day we recommend purchasing in 
advance to beat the line!
 All audience members ages 5+ will need a ticket.

Flowers & Refreshments: A limited supply of flowers and refreshments will be for sale in the lobby on recital day, cash only. All students will receive a flower from their teacher, to be picked up in the lobby after show.

We are looking forward to this special performance with all of our students, if you have questions concerning details please contact us via social media, Remind text alerts, or email or see us after class. Thanks!


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